Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) For Work 

Businesses in today’s world need to be nimble, responsive, and productive. The Segway PT improves employee productivity, maneuverability and response time, while taking up less space, less energy, and creating fewer emissions.

    Multiply Your Force — Employees can complete their daily rounds up to three times faster and can do so more frequently when using a Segway PT versus walking.
    Improve Visibility — The Segway PT's higher platform height affords riders improved sightlines and visibility within their environment. This is especially helpful in industrial settings or crowded pedestrian areas.
    Promote Interaction and Awareness — Enable riders to engage with people and situations in a way that's different than anything else. They're more approachable and carry a greater presence.
    Improve Response Time and Reduce Fatigue — Get from Point A to Point B more quickly and with less physical exertion. Employees can accomplish more without feeling fatigued at the end of every shift.
    Adaptable to the Setting — The Segway PT is utilized in a variety of corporate and industrial environments and easily transitions from indoor to outdoor settings.
    Support sustainability initiatives —  Whether your company is seeking to reduce their carbon footprint or to reduce the costs associated with traditional fuel vehicles and their maintenance, the Segway PT can improve both.

For more information on purchasing Segway Personal Transporters for your business, contact us. Visit our Specialspage to see some used Segway PT's for discounted prices.